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"The system was very easy to configure and ... very scalable. Whenever we had a question that needed to be answered, B-Scada went above and beyond to answer and make sure that we were on the right path."

Building Automation
South Korea

The Chuncheon BioIndustry Foundation (CBF) is a government-founded nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Life Sciences research and Incubation in Korea. They contacted one of B-Scada's partners looking for a modern, cost effective replacement to the existing system used to control the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) in four facilities.

Using B-Scada software, CBF was able to create a cost effective, full featured, extensible solution that was easy to implement without excessive man-hours or production downtime. They were able to add their own features, while quickly and easily configuring the system for quick deployment.

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"The more I use it the more I see what I can do!”

Smart Grid

Endeco operates from headquarters in Dublin and London, and is the technology leader in smart grid optimization, as well as a leading provider of National Grid CashBack and Bill Optimization to the Food Distribution, Processing and Retail Industries. They pride themselves on offering the only solution to integrate all smart grid opportunities available with today’s most innovative technologies. Their proprietary software package allows them to track energy usage data for their various clients with great success, but they wanted to offer customers a richer, more visually appealing interface for them to view their data remotely. B-Scada provided the perfect software platform to integrate into their existing system.

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"We were looking for a next generation and standards based system, easily expandable ... and we found B-Scada”

United States

Algae Lab Systems provides Monitoring and Control systems for two industries: the commercial algae growing industry and the aquaculture industry. Their AlgaeConnect™ systems enable customers to optimize their productivity, and save them time by automating their quality control processes.

They contacted B-Scada when a customer of theirs was looking for a way to aggregate data from several hundred AlgaeConnect™ systems, each with several photobioreactors/ponds, in a single system. The customer wanted a centralized interface through which to access their data, and they wanted it to be composed of graphics they chose.

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"Our feeling since we started to use [B-Scada's software] is sureness. It is very stable, powerful, simple to use, and B-Scada’s support is top level.”


The Republic of Angola supports a population of over 18 million people, with a Gross Domestic Product of over $118 billion. The nation has undergone tumultuous periods of civil war and economic strife, and the Ministry has been tasked with managing very difficult financial circumstances over the years.

The Ministry was in need of a way to view the total amount of credit per office and per region with several criteria to monitor in real time. They required a solution that would allow them to view their key economic data in real time, including the number of loans given in the project “Entrepreneurial Window”.

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“I looked at various types of software solutions, both turnkey and develop-your-own ... I decided it would be easier if I could do it myself. That is where [B-Scada] comes in with its ability to change and modify project functionality; your possibilities are endless.”


A.P. Plasman takes great pride in their status as a leading provider of Class ‘A’ exterior products to the North American automotive industry. They are a full service provider with dedicated plants for tooling, molding, paint and assembly. Using B-Scada’s platform, they were able to create and implement a versatile, highly functional solution for monitoring a large paint facility. The system allowed them to quickly and easily display process information from multiple locations using a web-based interface.

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"By using B-Scada software we were able to provide a flexible and very powerful solution for our subway engineers. We were very impressed with how easy it was to create our projects and have them up and running ... I would recommend B-Scada to anyone who is looking for a powerful web solution that is easy to configure and using cutting edge technology.”

South Korea

The 5678 Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation operates the largest and most extensive metropolitan subway system in the Republic of Korea with a total of 148 stations throughout lines 5-8. They serve 2.7 million passengers per day with a total reach of almost 152 kilometers. SMRT stands at the core of Seoul’s public transportation system and is recognized as the world’s fourth largest metropolitan subway corporation. They wanted to create a powerful, yet easy to configure web solution able to cover larger operations over many divisions, in some cases over different networks. B-Scada provided the platform they needed.

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