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B-Scada's products and services promote business transformation for companies large and small around the world. They can do the same for you.

How are companies profiting from B-Scada's software and sensors?

Custom Applications

Private Labeling and Selling Custom Applications

From monitoring algae farms to optimizing business processes, many of B-Scada's customers have created software solutions with privately labeled user interfaces to sell under their own brand.

Creating Interactive User Interfaces for Existing Products or Services

Status Device Cloud features amazing capabilities for enhancing existing products or services. Real-time data visualization, analytics, alarm notifications, workflow for automation, and more are built-in to the system.

Custom User Interface

Custom Applications

Creating a Proprietary Application for Managing Your Own Enterprise

Combining B-Scada's wireless sensing hardware and software technology allows users to create sophisticated IoT and M2M applications that can improve efficiency, increase safety, and enhance productivity.

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